Podcast - How You Can Double Your Amazon Revenue with Vendor Central

In the last six years I (Joe) have only had two people tell me that Vendor Central is a great opportunity for Amazon sellers to grow their business. The first was at IRCE in Chicago in 2015 when an ex-Amazon Vendor Central executive told me his view of Vendor Central. The next time – was on this podcast. Both opinions were very favorable! And you know…I believe them both.

If I owned an Amazon FBA business or was purchasing one, I would look very closely at Vendor Central and at least test it out with a SKU or two. That’s right – you do not have to make the leap of faith with Vendor Central. At least not any more. According to our guest expert, Fahim Naim, Vendor Central is a viable option that most Seller Central sellers should consider. He openly states it is not for everyone, yet he took his first client from $4,000,000 in Q4 revenues to $16,000,000 by expanding the customer reach using the Vendor Central tools. Do I need to say more? Yes (apparently)…you do not need to be selling 4m per quarter to make Vendor Central work for you. Listen to Fahim’s expert advice and make your own decision, it could be the best investment of time you have ever made.

Episode Highlights:

  • Hear firsthand how Fahim’s Clients have done when engaging with Vendor Central.
  • You don’t have to make a “leap of faith” and leave Seller Central.
  • If you haven’t gotten an invite to Vendor Central – find your representative and contact them.
  • Learn how to get more attention from a hugely overwhelmed Amazon representative.
  • Vendor Central is not right for every product or seller.
  • Some categories are more competitive and require higher volumes to be accepted to Vendor Central.
  • Vendor Central is not just for brands…distributors can use it as well.
  • “Seller Central” on steroids…that is what Vendor Central is.