Our Proprietary Model Accelerates Profitable Growth

Our ‘CTS’ framework creates long-term and sustainable growth. We have grown clients revenues in excess of >40% in one quarter.


Ensuring pages are optimized, easy to understand, and easy to find.

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Utilizing marketing, merchandising, and promotional tools to maximize traffic.

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Staying on top of pages, reviews, fulfillment, and product development.

Trusted by Startups and Fortune 500

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IRCE 2018:
Amazon & ME Workshop

by fahim naim

Fahim of eShopportunity was the Chairman of the 2018 Amazon & Me Workshop at IRCE. Check out Fahim's intro and hear about his predictions on upcoming changes at Amazon that will affect your business.


Need an invite to Vendor Central or a better understanding? Not sure how to get Amazon's Vendor Manager or support attention? Need assistance with catalog issues and increasing discoverability? Our strong experience and relationships can help.

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How much traffic should you drive to your online store versus Amazon? Should you setup a Vendor, a Seller, or both accounts? We can help you answer these questions with an integrated online strategy to help you drive profitable growth.  



Not sure how to reduce costs as a Vendor? Not very familiar with Seller Central? We can help you setup and configure your accounts in order to reduce costs and increase sales.  



Need an invite to Vendor Central? Not sure how to get Amazon's Vendor Manager or support attention? Need to increase PO's or renegotiate margins? Our strong experience and relationships can help.



Spending too much with ads with low or negative ROI? Sales growth is taking too long? We can help optimize your content pages for increased conversion, and your ads to increase traffic and accelerate sales. 


Ready to learn more about how we can help you grow your business with Amazon?

We Provide a Wide Range of Services


Launching with Amazon
(Seller or Vendor)

Evaluation of Seller Central vs. Vendor Central vs. Hybrid model


Negotiations with Amazon


Leveraging network at Amazon


Detail Page OPTIMIZATION, EBC/A+, Brand registry, catalog, SEO, ACCOUNT MGMT


Amazon Sponsored Product and PPC ads


Marketing and Promotional Plans


Launching  with Amazon Globally

Custom Engagement Based on Your Needs



We can diagnose and assess the current state of your business, discuss your roadblocks, growth strategies & more. This includes one week of email follow-up. 


Weekly/bi-weekly calls to discuss your business challenges and strategies. The brand manages execution of tactics while we provide recommendations and guidance. Ranges from one month to six months.


Weekly calls and a more hands-on approach. We can manage the execution and/or work alongside the brand to accelerate the process. Includes reporting, an on-site visit, leveraging of Amazon contacts, and more. Ranges from four to nine months.


We can conduct an e-commerce/Amazon training for your company. Ranging from half-day to three-day trainings.

Winning with Amazon requires a completely different approach than any traditional or online retail. Our team includes the former Category Manager of one of Amazon’s largest categories, and our deep industry knowledge and contacts enable us to help brands attain long-term growth.


Fahim Naim

Founder and CEO

Fahim was previously a Category Manager at Amazon where he owned and managed a multi-hundred million dollar category and one of the largest categories in the U.S. During his tenure, he was able to grow his business >50% despite a flat market.  Previous to Amazon, Fahim worked in Finance at Office Depot including several special projects for the c-suite. Fahim founded eShopportunity in 2014 to help brands better understand and grow their online business. Fahim has spoken at several leading e-commerce conferences, webinars, podcasts, and more.


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Guide: How to Sell Your Products on Amazon

8 chapters

Everything entrepreneurs need in order to get exposure, win the buy box and make more sales on the world's largest marketplace. Fahim partnered with Shopify to write a simple guide to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses with Amazon.